Thursday, February 24, 2005

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IMy daughters end-of-school slumber party was a dream cum true. Not only had I fucked her best friend April but also another gorgeous 18 year-old modelos latinas bikinis named Candy, and the party had been going for less than three hours!
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I went into the house to get a beer and rest. It had been a long time since I had fucked two women in the same day let alone two horny teenagers within an hour or so of each other.

left over from a trip to Canada almost a year ago hidden behind a loaf of bread.


, as it apparently was the last beer in the house, I tried to figure out what Id done to piss her off.

What? I asked, If youre pissed that Ive got the last beer too bad. I didnt think you free latina teen tgp latina teens your friends would drink all latina butts 01.jpg tequila AND all my beer too!

Thats not it! I dont care about the beer. Well I do care about the beer, you need to go buy hardcore latina Maggie replied. YOU promised that I could latino man naked latino blow fuck my friends! Candy just told me that you about fucked her galleries of latina teens out and you didnt let me know. HOW COULD YOU?

I didnt know what to day. What could I say? After a few seconds I figured my best defense was to change the subject.

What do latina dc sex girl mean IVE got to go buy more beer? I latina teens trying to steer the conversation to something I was more comfortable with. You and your friends are the ones who drank the half case I had in here.

YOU wont let us drive - remember, Maggie exclaimed. YOURE the one who took away our car escorts of latin america - - remember? That was about jiggly juggs latina double team free movies time you grabbed Aprils tits and fucked her silly - - remember?

OK, OK I remember. She latina beauties nude right. Ill go grab another case of Bud. I said as I tried to walk past her, hoping I could get out of there before she said anything else.

Not so fast daddy. You didnt tell me why you broke your promise to me. Maggie moved between me and the latina models free links to the dining room. I was trapped.

Look sweetheart, I replied, it wasnt my idea. I was just going to show Candy where the charcoal was and the next thing I knew she had my cock in her mouth. What was I supposed to do? Drag her out into the yard hanging onto my dick while I tried to track you down?

Maggie broke into a smile, then as she thought about what I had said started to giggle. That would have been something to see. She mused. OK daddy, it wasnt your fault, but, a promise is a promise AND YOU PROMISED that I could watch!

Thinking amateur latina fuck April and Candy I found myself thinking very close up pictures of wet latina pussy thoughts, free latin sex video what Maggie looked like under her little bikini. Whether she shaved her little pussy or just trimmed her pubic hair.

Shaking my head to try to clear these lecherous thoughts I figured Id better say something before anything happened that shouldnt happen between a father and his daughter.

Maggie, Im sorry. I said, looking into her beautiful brown eyes. I wont let anything happen again unless youre there.

This seemed to placate her. She moved aside to let me pass into the dining room, or so I thought. Just as I was about to move by her she reached out and grabbed my cock.

Daddy, remember you promised. Dont disappoint me again, OK?

Just as quickly as she had grabbed my cock she let go of my growing shaft and headed toward the door. Standing there I was very confused. Part of me wanted to go after her, throw her on the floor and fuck her brains out. Another part of me was screaming that she was my daughter and that I shouldnt even be thinking these things.

Moving thru the kitchen toward my den to pick up my keys my feelings were still doing battle in my head. I had reached the drive when I saw that I wasnt going anywhere. The girls cars filled the driveway. I headed for the pool.
job latin girls, who owns the XKR convertible at the top of the drive? I shouted. I need to use your car to go to the store.

One of the girls separated herself from the group in the pool, climbed out and headed toward me. She was about 53, skinny maybe 100 pounds, small tits B cup, wearing a yellow bikini that really showed off her free latino sex pictures black hair and olive complexion. She looked kinda familiar but I had no clue what her name was.

Hi. Mr. J, latina teens smiled, Iss my car. She staggered ever so slightly as she approached.
Hi I said uncertainly, she obviously knew me. Can I borrow your car? You girls seem to have cleaned me out latin pictures beer and tequila and I need to make latin lesbians run to the store.

She continued to stare at me for a few seconds and I was about to repeat myself when she brightened up and replied, More tequila? Shityeah youu can takeit.

I could tell where a lot of the booze had gone into Lisa.

But I gotta go too she said as she swayed in front of me. My daddy paid 90,000 and I promised um Id never let anybud, aah, anybudd, nobody else drive it.

Looking at her sternly I said, You can come along, but youre in no shape to drive. Hell, it looks like youre having a hard time walking.

Hokay she chirped and headed for the house.

Where are you going? I asked as I fell into step with her.

Ta-get the keys silly.

We made it into the house and then latina teens into the den where I had put all the keys. She dug around in the stack of car keys for a bit until I finally picked up a set with a jaguar emblem on them and free mature latina pics them in front of her nose said Are these your keys . . .Ah what is your name anyway?

Giving me clip latinas big goofy grin she tried, and failed, to take the keys from me. Yup, them are them and Im Lisa.
teen mariah latina Lisa, Lets go. Taking her arm I headed out the front door with the drunken girl in tow. We made it to the car where I poured her into the passenger seat. Starting the engine I tanned latina ass bent over toward the local liquor store.

During the drive to the store Lisa sat slouched against the door, eyes closed, face tilted toward the sun. Not wanting to have to carry gaysex free latino men penis and the booze, I left her in the car when I got to the store. I picked up two cases of Bud and two half gallons of tequila and walked back to the Jag and loaded everything into the trunk.

It didnt look like Lisa had moved and I thought she had passed out till I started to get into the convertible. Thats when I noticed she had latina porn thumbnails off her bikini bottoms and had her pussy on display amateur latina girls nude anyone that walked by. Looking around quickly I jumped into the car and rocketed out of the parking lot.

Lisa, are you awake? I said as I reached over and shook her arm.

were awake.

Huh? What do you mean? was my response. Of course Im awake. Im the one driving, Im the one who hasnt had anything to drink cause you girls drank it all. Im the one . . .

Do you like my pussy? she interrupted my little tirade. Leaning against the corner latin porn dvds the seat and the passenger door she raised her hips to almost eye level. Glancing over I free latin gay porn see that her cunt was covered with jet-black hair. Trimmed to about half an inch long the pink lips of her pussy stood out in stark contrast. I could also see a sheen of juice on each of her engorged lips.

I had visions of me being pulled over and trying to explain to a cop how she got drunk, then undressed and in a car with me. Reaching over Shaved Vagina to shove this drunken teenagers fucking latinas back down to the seat my sexiest latin male hand covered her pussy and I pushed her hips down.
latin babe thumbs I tried to pull my hand back Lisa sex women latina thumbnails it and held it in place. She then pushed two of my fingers into her wet cunt.

Mmmmm that feels nice. She moaned. Maggie told me you fuck great, but I dont want to loose my cherry just yet. Just rub my pussy and get me off, p-l-e-a-s-e Mr. J. Ill suck you off after, if you want.

Lisa was now fucking her hot pussy on my fingers. I thought for a second about trying to pull my hand away Latina Thumbs and immediately rejected the idea. If this fat latina girls going to be a weekend of my dreams I might as well enjoy it to the utmost.

OK Lisa, I said to her, lean this way with your back to me so I can get black latina beauties nude girls right angle at your pussy.

She immediately released my hand and turned her back to me. Reaching between the seat and her side my hand once again gay latin boysex school girl latin her drooling latina schoolgirls nude I began rubbing her slit with two fingers, then as I reached her clit I pinched it between my thumb and index finger.

OOOHHHH, she moaned loudly nude gay latin man thats it. Squeeze my clit. Fuck my little cunt with your big fat fingers. Lisa was now latina group my hand as I continued to play with free latina hardcore movies

As she got nearer to her orgasm her hands moved under the top of her bikini. She then pulled the thin material off and tossed it on the floor of the car. She had small tits and almost no areola, just long fat nipples. My arm was beginning to ache as I fingered her cunt faster and faster. Lisa was pulling her nipples so hard I thought she was going to rip them off her chest.

We were getting close to the house and I had tried everything I could think of to push her over the edge, but I couldnt make her cum. Finally in desperation as she shoved her cunt up to meet latin porn movie fingers I moore naked free latin my fingers from her sopping slit, lowered my thumb and shoved it as far into nude latin woman pic ass as I could reach.

Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit her. It startled me and I almost lost control of the car, but kept my thumb shoved to the hilt in her tight ass.

GGGOOOODDD, she screamed, You fucking bastard!! God Im cumming sssooo cumshots on latins girls pics Lisa continued to convulse on my hand. I could feel her uncensored latin women juices running latina virgin fucking samples of her cunt, across my wrist latin pornstar small tit drip onto the leather seat of the car.

She started to quiet down a little so I began wiggling my thumb in her free latin gay porn and I grabbed as much of her butt as I could with my fingers and squeezed hard. This set her off into another spasm. I was ready this time when she let out her scream. I was thankful that we were in a moving car. Had we been anywhere else everybody within a block would have wondered what was going on.

After another couple minutes I released my hold on her butt cheeks and slowly extracted my thumb from her ass. Lisa crumpled into the seat, not moving again until I shut off the motor in front of my house.

That was fucking great. Lisa said as she came latino men fucking to life. She pulled her suit from the floorboard of the car and riggled herself back into it. Do you want me to suck that big fat cock of yours now? she smiled as her latin in bikinis reached for me crotch. latina sexual encounters
Thats OK Lisa, I told her Ill take a rain check. This is a convertible latina mariah I dont erotic story spanish latina latin lesbians pics free to have to latino women and sex to my neighbors why a border guard catching a sexy latina girl teenager is sucking my cock in my own driveway.

OK, latino porno women I latina teens owe you one she winked as she hopped out of the car and headed for the trunk and the booze.

I was all the way back down the driveway when it struck me what Lisa had said earlier Maggie told me you fuck great How the hell would my daughter know how I fuck I wondered. And why was she telling this to all the girls at the party. Stashing the last of the beer into the refrigerator I decided I needed to talk to Maggie and find out what was going on.

While I wasnt about to complain about what nude latino teen boys happened I also wasnt fooling myself into thinking that three beautiful teenage girls just all of a sudden wanted to have sex with me. I began to wonder how much of this was Maggies doing.